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Funeral These funeral flowers are appropriate to send to a church or funeral home.
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Roses for Your Heart


Nothing can heal the heart faster than red Roses for Your Heart. Be that warmth and comfort needed for that special someone in a time of pain and grief. Give them a gift of red roses in the shape of a heart as a symbol of your concern.

White Funeral Wreath


This radiant wreath of white mums with some roses symbolizes the divine purity of spirit, faith, and everlasting life with elegant grace and loving honor. Express your deepest sympathies--send these beautiful flowers today!

Eternal Funeral Light


Convey the essence of eternal light in vivid, heavenly splendor! Brimming with citrus-colored roses, lilies, and daisies, this poignant and heart-shaped wreath is artfully arranged with gorgeous accents and lovely greens. Express your true sympathy and caring support in a most loving, sincere tribute--order today!

My Heart Wrapped in Satin


Energizing shades of green and orange brighten the moment in difficult times for that special someone. My Heart Wrapped in Satin is just what the occasion calls for. Take these precious blooms and wrap them around that loved one in grief knowing that time heals all wounds.

Bleeding Heart Funeral Spray


Pay your respects to a departed friend or loved one with this beautiful standing spray of red roses and white carnations. Show what's in your heart with this stunning arrangement.

Broken Heart Funeral Stand..


Honor the passing of a cherished friend or loved one with this exquisite standing spray of red roses and white cushion mums. It is a heart-felt and beautiful remembrance.

Our Hearts Speak To You St..


Convey heartfelt honor and dear sentiment with pure, heavenly splendor! Brimming with creamy roses and light-colored carnations, this poignant, heart-shaped wreath is artfully arranged with gorgeous accents and lovely greens. Express your true sympathy and caring support in a most loving, sincere tribute--order today!

Heartfelt Condolences Stan..


Show your heart with a show of theirs with a gift of love in a heart-shaped standing spray delicately designed in the ultimate colors of love, red, pink, peach, purple, and orange blossoms. Stand next to that loved on in a time of need and heal their heart with a piece of yours.

Forever Heart Funeral Wreath


This elegant wreath, adorned with yellow sunflowers and roses of white and cream, is a beautiful and heart-felt way to say good-bye to a cherished friend or loved one. Honor their memory and extend your support to their grieving family with this gorgeous medley.

Red Hearts A Bliss


Enter their life with open arms and an open heart to guide them in time of grief over a loss of a loved one closest to the heart. Red hearts symbolize love and affection that send an unspoken message you care. Red Heart A Bliss will be the guiding light over their life in rememberance of that lost loved one.

Flourishing Garden Funeral..


Honor the memory of a departed friend or loved one with this stunning wreath, adorned with vibrant, multi-colored flowers.

Loving Rememberance Funera..


A beautiful wreath adorned with bright and cheerful lilies and daisies, this arrangement is a heart-felt and loving way to bring a little joy and harmony to a grieving friend or loved one.

Eternal Rest Heart Funeral..


A beautiful standing spray of assorted flowers and greenery, this arrangement is a heart-felt way to pay your respects for a departed friend or loved one.

Rural Beauty Wreath Funera..


When a dear friend or loved one passes away, extend your sympathy and support to their family with this beautiful standing arrangement filled with multi-colored, vibrant flowers.

Ring of Friendship Funeral..


During these trying times, bring a little joy to a grieving friend or loved one with this stunning assortment of vibrant, multi-colored roses.

Lily and Rose Funeral Wreath


The simplicity of this elegant wreath makes it a wonderful and heart-felt way to show your support and love while mourning the loss of a friend or loved one.

A Cherished Life


Revel in retrospect of the dynamic individual that touched your life, with this charming crimson wreath. Let a beautiful blush of red roses and carnations, punctuated with a pretty red ribbon, exemplify all that you will miss and remember always.

Pink Funeral Wreath


Generous bunches of gerber daisies, pretty pastel roses and asters adorn an arrangement that truly reflects the enthusiasim and charisma of the cherished departed. This warm wreath celebrates the delightful disposition that brightened your days.

Soothing Wreath


Arranged with glorious color and refreshing splendor, this lovely wreath of exquisite flowers exemplifies the heights of loving tribute and honor. The most magnificent of souls deserve the most magnificent displays. So shower that grieving loved one with a token of surest affections with delicate blooms in shades of pastel purple, pink, blue, and cream.

Encircling Grace Funeral C..


This beautiful casket wreath, adorned with bright and colorful lilies, is a wonderful way to extend your support and sympathy to the grieving family of a departed friend or loved one.

Patriotic Funeral Wreath


Cherish the memory of a brave, fallen soldier with this exquisite and patriotic wreath. Pay tribute to their courage and life and provide comfort, support and sympathy for the grieving family.

Festival of Lights Centerp..


Enjoy the beauty of pristine white flowers and the soft glow of candlelight with this exquisite centerpiece. Breathtaking appeal and sweet floral scents make this a simply stunning arrangement!

Our Love Eternal Heart Fun..


Express what's in your heart with this beautiful heart-shaped wreath, adorned with vibrant pink lilies. Demonstrate your support and sympathy during this trying time with these stunning flowers.

Showing 1-23 of 23 results
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